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Beware of scammers!

Buyer beware’ is something we should all be familiar with. When making any transaction, consumers have a responsibility to take a reasonable amount of care. In these recessionary times, we have become more savvy when it comes to negotiating a good deal and this is by no means a bad thing. On the other hand, sometimes in our enthusiasm to grab to a bargain, common sense can go out the window.

As Daft.ie is a property portal, we do not deal with the properties directly.  Therefore, if you are looking on the website for a property, it is crucial that you do your own checks to ensure that the property matches the description given in the ad. While 99.9% of the ads on Daft are trustworthy, unfortunately as with any internet site, there is a chance of scammers looking to take advantage. We have checks here in place to prevent scam ads from getting through and these are being continuously reviewed. However, scammers are constantly coming up with new tricks so a few ads may get through the net from time to time. However, if you use your head it will be almost impossible for you to get caught out.


Remember, you should ALWAYS meet with the landlord first and view the property before coming to any kind of agreement.

Here are some of the main factors which could indicate that the ad is a scam:

  • The rent appears to be far below the average price range when compared to other properties of a similar size and standard and given the location.
  • Usually, if it’s a scam, they never include a photo of the exterior, only hotel-like images of the inside.  Alternatively, they may not include any photos, but in the description they will ask you to email them for photos.
  • No phone number is given or if it is, it’s for outside Ireland and most likely will not work.
  • Any legitimate ads on the site will never include the email address in the description. If an email address is given in the description, then it’s a scam.

If it’s a scammer, they are likely to tell you that they are not in the country and cannot meet with you in person to show you the property. They will ask you to transfer the deposit to them via Western Union or Moneybookers and they can then post you the keys. NEVER accept or transfer funds via Western Union, Moneybookers or other Electronic Fund Transfer services.

If you do come across any ads which you think may be suspicious, you can use the ‘report ad’ facility to notify us or you can forward details for the ad to support@daft.ie  and we can then investigate.

For more information, please go to the Safety Online page on our site:


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