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  • Sherry FitzGerald win Eircom Spider

    Sherry FitzGerald have been awarded an Eircom Golden Spider for Sherryfitz.ie following a recent revamp of the website.  According to the Spider Awards judging panel, the reasons sherryfitz.ie won this years award was due to "great mobile optimization' It's not just a listing site; you are one step away from doing business or making a booking.  It has good content marketing and dual location "

    So far this year sherryfitz.ie has had 1.2 million visits to the site with visitors from 199 countries across the globe.

    Congratulations from all at Daft.ie!


  • The cost of living near schools

    Today we have launched the first of our series of Daft.ie Research Reports; The cost of living near schools.  This is a series we are running to examine what factors (besides location, number of bedrooms, property type etc.) influence the price of houses and by how much.

    Daft.ie has worked in conjunction with researchers from Trinity  College, Dublin to use leading research methods to investigate how proximity to schools affects house prices in Ireland.  In particular we wanted to answer the following three questions;

    • Do people pay more to live close to a school?
    • Does this "school premium" change as you move around the country?
    • Does the premium change depending on the type or quality of school?


    We hope you take the time to read the report, and as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • A Daft way to meet!

    Recently we heard a great story about one of our users, Fiona, who placed an ad on daft.ie to rent out a room in her house, something she had done a number of times before. On this occasion, when her new lodger Mike moved in, he and and Fiona hit it off... Low and behold the couple got married in Killarney on July 18th this year!

    Their friend Colette, who brought Fiona and Mike’s story to our attention, has kindly shared some photos from the day with us.

    We were over the moon to hear how we played our own little part in Fiona and Mike's love story and we wish them health, wealth and happiness for years to come!






    Who'd have thought we'd ever become a dating site!?!

  • 2013 Property Price Register analysis

    The Government's Property Price Register figures show that 2013 was the busiest year for both number of transactions and value of transactions since 2010 (the earliest data on record).

    There are over 26,500 sold properties recorded on the register for 2013, up 6% from 2012 and up a significant 46% from the lows of 2011.

    Over €5.5 billion was spent on Irish residential property last year, eclipsing the previous highest annual total of €5.45 billion in 2010.

    The national median* house price has fallen from €210,000 in 2010 to €143,000 in 2013.



    Total Sales Value

    No. Transactions

    Median Sold Price

    Dublin €3,069,997,562 9,197 €225,000
    Cork €485,201,051 2,843 €142,000
    Galway €224,015,884 1,399 €175,000
    Kildare €238,021,542 1,177 €184,000
    Wexford €107,639,157 913 €55,000
    Wicklow €222,737,978 900 €88,750
    Meath €157,341,419 889 €90,000
    Limerick €118,620,273 830 €80,000
    Kerry €102,343,839 787 €108,000
    Waterford €82,143,952 679 €95,000
    Louth €103,797,582 674 €115,000
    Donegal €65,161,641 671 €96,750
    Tipperary €74,400,809 662 €100,000
    Clare €69,704,698 572 €108,000
    Mayo €60,811,315 540 €145,000
    Westmeath €56,661,580 507 €100,000
    Roscommon €34,139,279 446 €120,000
    Cavan €37,989,153 414 €90,000
    Kilkenny €56,268,713 411 €132,500
    Sligo €40,742,089 368 €90,000
    Laois €37,505,393 349 €65,000
    Carlow €38,431,388 317 €90,000
    Offaly €32,282,308 306 €65,000
    Leitrim €21,408,801 278 €80,000
    Longford €15,026,754 221 €75,000
    Monaghan €19,801,701 207 €80,000
    NATIONAL €5,572,405,859 26,559 €143,000


    You can see what properties sold for in your area by using Daft.ie's Residential Property Price Register or by looking at nearby sold information available on every sales property description page.

    * the median value is the middle value in an array of numbers.  It is used instead of averages in this case to better exclude extreme outlying property values.

    The analysis was conducted on January 21st and it should be noted that the data from propertypriceregister.ie can be updated retrospectively

  • Odhran Ginnity appointed to the board of Daft Media Limited

    Daft.ie, Ireland's leading property website, has appointed Odhran Ginnity to the Board of Directors.

    Along with the appointment, Mr Ginnity who was the chief operations officer at the company, is taking up a new role as CEO of sister company Adverts Marketplace Limited. Adverts Marketplace is the company behind Adverts.ie, the fast growing marketplace app and website which has seen usage doubling in the last 12 months alone.

    Commenting on the appointment, Eamonn Fallon, Co-founder of Daft Media said, "The successes in Daft over the last seven years have been driven primarily by Odhran and his team. Daft's position as Ireland's No.1 property website is now firmly cemented. We're looking forward to seeing Odhran repeat this run in a new, high potential market"

    Speaking about the opportunity, Mr Ginnity said, "Adverts.ie is a mobile-first platform for buying and selling items. It is in a great position to benefit from the explosion in mobile commerce that will happen in the coming years. Adverts.ie is already similar in size to Daft in terms of traffic and usage and thanks to the smartphone, the growth of the last 12 months looks set to accelerate"

    Further to the move, Gordon Stewart, chief financial officer with Daft.ie, has been appointed acting CEO while the board oversees a recruitment process to fill the vacancy.

  • Property price history

    Today we have launched a new property price history feature on Daft.ie.

    This feature allows you to track how a property’s asking price changes over time.

    You will see the feature appearing across the website and our mobile apps.

    Property price change search result

    An example of the property price change on the search results


    If a property has had a change of asking price you will see the latest change next to the current asking price.  On the full property details page, you will find a table of all historic price changes.

    Property price history table

    Table of property price history on the property details page


    If you have saved a property into your My Daft account, you will be notified any time a price changes on this property.  Remember you can also now save notes on your favourite properties.

    The feature has been eagerly anticipated by our user base and we thank you all for your feedback. We are always open to ideas of how we can improve your experience of finding the perfect property.

  • Announcing the updated Daft.ie android app

    Home screen
    This week we pushed version 1.6 of the Daft.ie android app. It's the most significant in a series of recent updates, so if you haven't seen it in a while, now could be a great time to take another look!

    Why the change? A quick bit of background

    When our android app was launched in early 2011, it took the same path many other android apps did at the time, and was based very closely on our iPhone app, which had been launched a little over a year previously. This brought all of the functionality of the iPhone app to android users, albeit with a very iPhone "look and feel". Over the last two years in particular, the android ecosystem has moved on hugely, particularly with regard to design and standardising of interface elements. Reviewing it recently, we felt that the android app was feeling a bit dated, as well as not taking full advantage of many of the benefits the android platform now offers which may not be available on the iPhone or iPad.

    So what's different?

    Across the app the android action bar is used to make sure the key functionality you need is always easily accessible. Things like saving your search, updating your filters or swapping to a map view are now one click away, rather than tucked away in a sub-menu.

    Search Results

    The search refine screen has been given a complete overhaul to make it easier to enter your search criteria. From using a slider to select your price to simplifying things like bed and bathroom selection, this layout should hopefully make it quicker for you to get from entering your search to seeing useful results.

    Refine screen

    Within the search refine screen, we've also changed how our map search works. When hitting "Location", you've now got the option to pick the county and areas, or use our "Search with map" feature. This option lets you pick a point you care about on the map, give it a useful name like "Work", then use it as the centre point for your search. The app will then save this point automatically and show it to you as an option at the top of the list when next you use this filter. This saving of a custom location is an example of a feature we've had in the app for some time, but with this release feel that we've made it both easier to discover and to use.

    Map select

    Map update

    As part of this release, we have updated the app to use the latest version of Google Maps. So when you're checking out your search results or a a specific property on the map view, if Google have the area mapped well enough, you'll see the surrounding area in 3d!

    3D map view

    We also updated our map results to give you more useful information at a glance. You can now see the price of each ad directly on the map pin. Once you select an ad, you now get a more detailed preview, listing the property's address, price, photo, details and number of photos available in total on the ad. This should hopefully save you some time by giving you more relevant information without having to click in and out of each property from the map view.

    Map update

    Sounds good - anything else?

    A feature we've been adding gradually over this series of releases revolves around quick swiping. So if you're viewing a property's details, you can quickly swipe between the photos on the property direct from the details screen, without having to open the dedicated photo browser. In addition to this, once you've gone from a search to view a property's details, you can now swipe from right to left to view the next ad in the search results, saving you having to go back up the search results then back in again.

    Swipe ads

    Great! What's next?

    The above are just a selection of the changes we've been making over the last few releases of the app, and there are plenty more on the way. We've some particularly exciting changes to our search results and ad details coming in the near future - keep an eye out for them also!
    So download the app now, let us know what you think of it and what sort of features you'd like to see that may not be in there already, either in the comments below, by email or in the Play store.

  • Add notes to your favourite properties!

    As house-hunters ourselves, we understand that discovering a property you're interested in is just the first step on the way to finding a new home. Remembering viewings set up with agents, which property had the nice sitting room and which was a little further from the bus route than we thought - these are the important things that we found ourselves recording on post-it notes, emails and text messages. Not the easiest thing to keep track of when you're hurrying to a viewing appointment!

    With this in mind, we've now added the ability for you to make notes on your saved properties directly from the MyDaft section of the website.

    Add notes to your saved properties

    So how do I save notes on my properties?

    Log in to your MyDaft account, where you'll see all of the properties you've saved, shown in the new layout we've talked about recently here on the blog.

    Underneath each property you should now see an "Add note" button. Clicking this will pop up a small window to give you quick access to add or update a note. Once you've added a note to an ad, click save and you'll then see a snippet from your note directly under the ad.

    Once you click in to view an ad, flicking through the photos or re-reading the description may trigger a new question to ask when viewing the ad, so we've put any notes you've added right at the top of the page. Just type it in, hit save and you're done!

    Adding a note - property detail page

    This feature is now live on site, so try it out and let us know what you think - either in the comments below or by email. We're currently working hard to extend this feature out across our mobile apps and touch site, so watch this space!

  • Local Property Tax Calculator updated for 2014

    Local Property Tax Calculator

    Earlier this week, the Revenue began sending out letters giving payment deadlines for the 2014 Local Property Tax. We've also been busy updating our system and today have pushed live an update to our Local Property Tax Calculator.

    Why the update?

    When the Local Property Tax was introduced in Ireland earlier this year, we launched a Property Tax Calculator to help home owners estimate how much tax they'd have to pay on their property.

    Since we first launched our calculator, the property market has continued to fluctuate (as covered in recent Daft Reports. This week our resident economist Ronan Lyons has updated our model to reflect these market changes. These updates will hopefully help to give a more accurate estimate of a property's tax liability ahead of the next filing deadline.

    So try it out and let us know what you think!

  • New My Daft

    We’ve recently launched a new design for My Daft. Our goal was to simplify the layout and give our users instant access to their content.

    Here’s a quick rundown of the new designs.

    Saved properties

    Saved properties have become the basis of My Daft for anybody looking to buy or rent. Summaries of saved properties fill the main body of the page. While on the side panel you can access and edit saved searches and email alerts. The idea was to have everything on one screen, allowing easy access to content.

    My adverts

    For advertisers we’ve listed all their ads on a single page, grouped by the status of active, paused, draft and archived. Each advert contains the same actions as before but are now accessed with one click. Here again we’ve pushed the content to the fore, giving private landlords and sellers immediate access to their ads.

    The new My Daft system can be accessed by logging into your Daft account.